The Simplest Way to Identify the Best Snack Food for Effortless Weight loss

what is the best snack food fro weight lossEver wonder what is the best snack food for weight loss, you’re not alone? Even nutritionist Isabel De Los Rios wrote an article that I thought was very informative and eye-opening. She explains how we just can’t trust our own lying eyes!!!

….Although our local grocery store shelves are lined with low-fat, no- fat, no-trans fat or new improved products, we’re still unsure as to what’s healthy and what’s not.

The facts remain that every few hours the average person gets hungry; so to ascertain what’s the best snack food for weight loss is an important question (especially since we are GOING TO EAT SOMETHING ANYWAY..RIGHT?)

One of the Worst Snack Food Choices for Weight Loss

…Ever contemplated why hunger pains seem to work OT (overtime) late at night? And for many, the quickest and most convenient meal is a BIG-O_Bowl of cereal. Cereal doesn’t seem like a bad idea for a late night snack especially if you watch T.V. commercials or read the cereal labels.

Oh, to the contrary! …. DID YOU KNOW that cereal is one of “The Worst” snack foods you can eat if you’re hoping for a decrease in weight or dress/pant size. Now there are some exceptions, but you won’t find them at your local grocery store, unfortunately!

Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss…Rarely Ever Comes in a box~

I read an article from (Isabel De Los Rios she’s a top-notch nutritionist and is very discipline…) She’s always on the look-out for healthy food and better nutritional choices.

Here’s what she found out; in her own words:

“Perhaps what is most disturbing about so many brands of cereal is that they confuse the heck out of consumers by making them “sound” so healthy and nutritious, when in reality they are anything but.

For example, while at the grocery store today I came across a “Yogurt Berry Crunch” cereal (with added fiber!) from a popular brand.

It sure sounds healthy…

In fact, the label even makes claims like “heart healthy!” and points out that it contains “25 grams of whole grains.” “Rich in antioxidants, vitamin C & E,” too. Just add up all those health benefits!

But here’s the truth:

“This so-called “healthy” cereal contains FIFTY ONE ingredients, including not one, not two, not six, not seven, but TEN different sources of SUGAR.

It also contains SEVEN corn derived ingredients (very likely from genetically modified corn), including corn syrup and corn starch.

It’s also loaded with inflammatory wheat ingredients and gluten, not to mention two of the worst damaged, denatured oils you can consume…canola oil and soybean oil.

Healthy? I don’t think so!”

Unfortunately, just about everything else in the cereal aisle is in the same boat as this disastrously unhealthy 51-ingredient nightmare.

Instead, try this alternative “Yogurt Berry Crunch” that only contains three 100% all-natural ingredients:

-Greek Yogurt

-Rolled Oats

-Fresh Berries”

Simply put if you’re still wondering what is the best snack food for weight loss, the answer is any foods that’s 100% all- natural.

One thing for sure we MUST cut down or out boxed foods and eat more Real foods.

We’ve included a grocery list you can print or view from your smart phone. These foods that will help you achieve your weight loss goal to get a firm, healthy and sexy body.

Learning to eat healthy is the most ultimate way to EFFORTLESSLY lose weight AND AGELESS BEAUTY!!!

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