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What is the Secret to Finding the Best Food for Weight Loss?

what is the best food for weight lossWondering what is the best food to eat for weight loss? ... me too… LOL!!!

I’m excited. Why? Because this is my chance to share what took me over 15 years to learn. Like you, I tried for years to diet and exercise my way skinny… it just didn’t work for me. The best kept secret to weight loss is finding out what is the best food to eat for long-lasting weight loss.

Fortunately, after researching, testing, trying and getting frustrated for over 15 years… FINALLY I LEARNED WHAT REALLY WORKS!!!!

The great news; you don’t have to spend 3-4 grueling hours at the gym, hire a Swollen personal trainer, order pre-packaged meals or ingest rice cakes for dessert.

…Keep reading as I unfold a few  of these little unknown secrets to weight loss such as …

What is the best breakfast food for weight loss…

Have you ever found yourself asking what is the best breakfast food or snacks for weight loss? The answer is simple, once you learn this weight loss secrets…  you’ll …


If you’ve tried liquid dieting, pills, powders, depriving yourself of your favorite foods, counting calories, no-carbs, low-carbs the latest weight loss pills and nothing worked; we’ll explain the LATEST REVOLUTIONARY BREAKTHROUGH ammunition from the Great Oz and Dr. Fuhrman’s arsenal and you’ll understand why it works like a charm…

All I can say is to stay tuned in because, I’m telling it like it is… I lost over 22 lbs in around 67 days and continued to eat chocolate, pizza and (don’t judge me) drink a Pepsi now and again. (BAD GIRL!!!!) …Seriously, I tried, year after year after year to lose 10-15-20-25- lbs. and just couldn’t do itthe secret to weight loss.

Long story short, after years of failure I finally learned how to lose weight and keep it off. That I’ll be sharing with you, here and on our fan page.

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All I can say is that you will be amazed once you learn little tricks that can help you lose weight without missing meals or your favorite desert!

My promise to you is that I will share my experiences, knowledge, recipes, tricks, tips and secrets and hope that you at least try some of them so that you can create your own weight loss reality.

Remember, nothing works until You Work It; You HAVE to participate in your own rescue!!! …

Keep in mind strategy over strength!

Dare to Be Beautiful, Sexy and Audacious!!!

God Bless;

Deborah Pretty