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Our affiliates are very important to us and we don’t take your consistent work and expertise for granted. We have a plethora of free resources all designed to help you make money. It’s easy; just promote Superfoodsthedietsolution on your blog, website, videos, PPC, Adsense, offline business customers, and even incorporate it as a fundraiser, we’ll show you how.

So if you’re looking to make money online and don’t have your own product, you can promote our product and receive 65% of every sale. Keep in mind we’ll be adding up-sell products and you’ll earn from sales on each of them also.

Promises, Promises, Promises, but we’ll planning to offer prizes and run contest for super affiliates and newbies, that way everybody will have a chance to win. We will notify you about the contest and prizes. Additionally, we are constantly working on our conversions, which means more sales.


What is Click-bank?

Click bank is an electronic digital goods marketplace, one of the biggest and most popular digital products vendors on the internet. The way it works is they have a marketplace where marketers can choose affiliate products to promote in the category of their choice, and advertisers can list a product up in their marketplace for affiliates to sell.

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What’s an Affiliate?

An affiliate is someone who promotes a product or service to potential customers, in exchange for a commission on the sale when one occurs.

Here’s a simple overview:

  1. You promote Super Foods the Diet Solution, which includes obtaining a customized HopLink.
  2. You promote the product off/online, via your website, blog, sms, fundraiser, etc…
  3. A customer clicks on your customized HopLink, goes to the superfoods diet eBook review page, and ends up purchasing the product.
  4. The customer purchases the product VIA ClickBank and you receive PAYMENT for promoting the sale.
  5. Your commission is calculated based on the net sale price (see below) and credited to your account within two minutes of the sale. Keep in mind Click-bank handles all transaction processes.

What is a HopLink?

A Hoplink is a customized referral tracking URL that you use to promote the product and get a commission on the sale if someone buys the product after clicking your HopLink.

Already a Clickbank affiliate with an affiliate ID? Here’s all you do and you’re ready to promote. Replace our affiliate ID where the XXXXX are. <”/> now you’re ready to GO!

**If you don’t have an affiliate ID you will have to follow the instruction below to first sign-up via Clickbank…. It’s easy and it only takes 5 minutes. All you need to do is grab your hoplink and return back to this page. (the link below opens in a new window, so you won’t lose your page!)


1. Click here <== to signup for a FREE Clickbank account,

2. Follow the instructions, name, address, etc.

3. Verify the email confirmation etc.

4. Return back to ClickBank, at top menu, click on Marketplace search either for the product name(Super Food the Diet Solution) or affiliate ID pyt740 …

5. Be sure to look at the name “Super Foods the Diet Solution”,click on the promote button, that will create your hop-link- “affiliate ID”

4. Close the ClickBank page and return back to this page. Place that Id code in the box above to customize your tools, this will place your unique id within all of your promotional material on this page.

How much Money Can I make?


Follow the example below. Keep in mind that it’s just for one product. As we add on up-sell products and other products that number will increase.

Pricing and Commission

Here’s what you could make based on the commission structure.

  • 1 sale @ 65% X $27 = $17.55
  • 2 sales @ 65% X $27 = $35.1
  • 5 sales @ 65% X $27 = $87.75
  • 10 sales @ 65% X $27 = $175.5

How do I make Money as a Free Affiliate?

1. You sign-up as an affiliate at

2.Create a free account

3. Sign-in and go to the marketplace

4. Create your customized hop link (this is the way click-bank identify you)

5. Place your hop link here. change [xxxxx] [”/]to your hoplink

6. Place your link on your site, blog post, sig file, or send emails to your friends when they purchase you make money…Boo-Yah! checks in the mail.

* Please don’t spam and NO BLACK HAT TRICKS….Abusers will be cut-off at the knees!!!

How do I receive my money and how do you know which sells are mine?

Click bank handles all transactions, so you will get paid via Clickbank. The way you’re identified is by your unique hoplink that tracks all of your sales, refunds, etc… As vendors (we) don’t have access to the money either. Clickbank pays us also, they subtract for refunds etc.. however our product has a high approval rate.


Below we’ve created some beautifully designed and high converting images you can use for your  website, blogs,Facebook,Twitter, or anywhere else. It’s easy to input your Clickbank ID… if it’s not already there. However, the first action you took when you arrived on this page was to input your clickbank id, which populated all of the resources with your id. If not, just insert your affiliate ID, where the xxxxx are.[”/]

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