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From:  Deborah Pretty
Re:  Living Lighter, Healthier, and Longer...

Dear Friend,

      They say what you don't know won't hurt you... (Really) Now, unless you've been living under a rock for the last 9 months or so, you know that's not true AND especially when it come to weight loss and healthy eating.

 You don't have to go far to get the scoop on getting skinny. Even the Great Oz is constantly talking about it. If you've been watching Dr.Oz, The Doctors, The View, or any of the News Channels, you would have noticed that everybody's talking about the most effective, effortless way to lose weight quickly via superfoods.
                                                    ..."I'm proof positive that it works"!
The new health conscious, weight watchers are fighting back since they now realize the falsehoods  and miss-information that's practically responsible for 35.3% of our population being obese, disease-stricken  and med's dependent.      
         Many have come to realize, that the lack of weight loss can not only be embarrassing... but it can also be Down Right "DEADLY.

  • Did you know that Americans are the most obese people in history? Technically, to be considered obese, one-third of your body is fat.
  •  Did you also know that the average person that loses significant weight (55 lbs or more) regain their weight and add more within a year. Simply put...  Diets don't work! (at least not permanently)
  •  What's more revealing is that according to recent research, high-protein /low-carbohydrate diets are likely to significantly increase your risk of colon cancer!

Hi, this is Deborah Pretty. I’m not a writer, author, dietician, or nutritionist (Aren’t you glad?) So if you’re wondering why you should intently read this PAGE? Lean in cause that's exactly what I'm about to explain. I'm sooo excited to share that I'm just like you.

The normal ordinary gal that got tired of all of the conflicting, misleading, downright deceptive information on the topics of weight loss, aging, and immune system boosting.

Like you I was tired of trying everything that wouldn't kill me. Unfortunately, each failed attempt ended up dampening my spirits. Even when I knew I followed along to the best of my ability, I didn't get the results I desired... not long lasting results anyway.

    So You Maybe Wondering.... HOW DID I LOSE 22 Lbs. in 67 days? ...and best of all - KEPT IT OFF!

As I was reading, researching and devouring everything I could about weight loss... I got even more discouraged; especially, since most of the experts, were touting that you should only expect to lose 1-2 lbs per week.
                 (To say the least ....That didn't interest me at ALL!!!! ...Way  too slow.)

Fortunately, as I continued to read, I noticed a common thread.  What became crystal clear to me was that each expert seemed to have had a few golden nuggets.....  Their secret for quick weight loss....
                   hmmmmm "now we're cooking with grease as they say in North Carolina"...

Being desperate to get the weight down quickly, I thought, what if I incorporated all of the nuggets to see if I could accelerate my weight loss progress? (safely of course). Boo..yah.... IT WORKED.

THE GOOD NEWS;  I lost weight without, any diet  pills, powders, sprays, sprinkles, and (get this) continued to eat my favorite snack too... C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E!  Best of all... it was sooo simple.

Here are a few  Examples of the over-looked, under-utilized things you can do to help you lose weight without spending a penny. (not good for business but who cares)


Sleep at least 7-8 hours daily - research shows that those who sleep longer,  weigh less then those that don't...

Eat a late night snack - it will increase your resting metabolic rate, thus burn more calories while you're sleeping...

Add spices to your meals - certain spices will rev-up your metabolism turning your meal into a fat-burning feast instead of a fat-storing fiasco...

Do you get the picture.... I haven't dieted YET!!!! and you DON'T HAVE TO EITHER!!!!

So after I finally calmed down from my excitement of finding the key to massive weight loss, without depriving myself from the foods that I love, I decided to share the secrets.

After 15 long years of yo-yo dieting, hundreds of hours reading eBooks and watching many T.V. doctor programs, I compiled all of the tricks and secrets together and distilled them all down into this Power-Packed eBook!

 ====>> SuperFoodstheDietSolution: Your Effortless Way to Weight Loss and Ageless Beauty...
                       But Gets Better...

      Before we put our book on the market, we chose a select group of people to read it just to    get a feel of what message people were coming away with. We were astonished to learn that  90.5% of readers came away with almost identical conclusions.

    No one called it a diet book. After reading, the majority of them decided to take control of their  health.

    Read what others had say about "SuperFoods the Diet Solution


   Instantly Lose Weight  Without Missing One Single Meal - Potentially as Much as 10 lbs. in Week #1!
    This New Discovery (according to Dr. Fuhrman) of Eating can Alter Diseases such as - High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, stroke, and Diabetes!                         

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   I think that this is the appropriate point to give you a little more history about me. At the age of 17, I was diagnosed and hospitalized for 7 days with gestational diabetes; I had a  sister that died at 29 years of age from lupus and another sister, (unbeknownst) to her, only seconds away from a diabetic coma.

In all honesty, I was 25 lbs over weight, (some say 30 - but who's counting, I'm only 5' 2" can you imagine - that was a hot mess!), predisposed for type 2 diabetes and experiencing the effects of inflammation; to me the handwriting was on the wall.

The last thing I wanted was to be was a burden to my children and grandchildren, especially since I knew, I wasn't doing my part by being pro-active to stay healthy! Once I started researching weight loss and realized that it doesn't have to be complicated, confusing, dull, dry and tasteless... I wanted a way, so desperately, to share with others.


                ''So Regardless if You've Failed at Every 

                   Diet You've Ever Tried Up Until Now - You Can 

                    Start Today To Get in the Best Shape 

                      of your life, Stay Disease-Free and

                        Put a Halt to "Pre" Premature Aging''!

Whoever said you couldn't eat like this and lose weight?

Less calories doesn't equal less flavor....

Mouthwatering ...
" its not what you know it's how you do it"
 Refreshing, Tasty and Delicious
only a few minutes... only a few calories!

Healthy eating doesn't have to be Bor-ing... 

Refreshing ....
hummmm Perfect Treat for the Sweeties!!!!

                       *I drink smoothies daily and eat gobs of food all while maintaining 133 pounds.
                          I even FEED my Hungry husband and he loves my dishes.
                             Be sure to click on the link which will take you to the other
                             page; Once there you will see my RECENT.... pictures... you'll be surprised

                                      my picture on (pg.6)

Before delving even more into why 'The New Super Foods Discovery' is the latest phenomenon that's revolutionizing the weight loss
industry; let's talk about what doesn't work and... never will! Even though I'm willing to bet that many of you know already "like me" have tried them all and you either lost weight.... for a "New York Minute" or you came to the realization that you weren't going to give-up eating your favorite foods ...FOR LIFE!!!

Convinced Yet? 

Find Out TODAY!!! How you can lose weight and keep it off with...NO monthly fees, NO inhouse personal trainer, NO high-priced processed meals or NO expensive and painful surgery, that leaves you with even more health challenges + ...loose skin... necessitating yet more surgery.

                          Then Check this out!!!

FYI: Add spicy foods to your diet.
Spicy foods force the body into thermo genesis. Not only does it imitate the effects of the exercise process but it boosts energy as a result of the thermo genesis process. It also burns carbohydrates and fat, and it’s known to

suppress your appetite and decrease the amount of body fat



The good news is that once you learn how to feed your body - mainly by choosing nutritious super foods and uncover the secrets to eating out - you can reverse theaging process and look 20 years younger and maintain a girlish figure. Additionally, according to recent research, proper nutrition can help you prevent breast,prostate and colon cancer. In essence you'll look great, lose weight and remain healthy.

SuperFoods the Diet Solution
Your Way to Effortless
Weight Loss
and Ageless Beauty...
Include these fat-burning - not fat-storing items to your grocery list, eat your way slim (page 53-56)          
Revealed - 3 Sickly Celebrities and how they manage their conditions  (page 8-11)       
Real life example of How I overcame my immune deficiency...  (page 6-7)            
Red hot Not's - 5 Ingredients to Stay away from and WHY!!! (page 15-18)        
The  Super Foods recipes - smoothies, dressings, desserts and entrees  (page 21-37)       
 What you don't know about med's. Pharmaceuticals, the Bad, the Worst and the Dangerous! (page 19-20)
       The New Buzz around the health industry... is it marketing or messaging (page 46-49)

Bonus; 3 Hidden Treasure Restaurants
 (one maybe near YOU! )...(page 60-61)

 If you are looking for a genuine proven way to lose weight and feel great - this is for you.
   A few simple tweaks could save you thousands upon thousands of dollars
   in medical cost during your lifetime. Put a halt to being passed-up for promotions and put the         romance back into your love-life.

If you're wondering; "Why should I try again, I've been a complete failure when it comes to dieting". Just know that failure is often a prerequisite to success. Just think that if our fore fathers thought that way, we would still be walking to work and reading by sunlight or candles. *When a reporter asked Thomas Edison, "why did you keep trying after failing over and over again in your attempt to create the electric light blub"? His response was, "I didn't fail over 10,000 times, I was just discovering 10,000 ways that didn't work"!

A Chinese proverb that I've come to embrace... fall down 7 times, Get UP 8...
   Now it's your Turn to get back up again...

You can do it... because it's NOT A DIET!!!!

To be completely blunt you have 2 choices, do nothing and complain about your weight problem, lack of energy, deteriorating health, how your spouse doesn't seem to be attracted to you any more, how you are getting passed over for promotions or you can take the first step by clicking on the Buy Now  button and get back on the horse again.

                  Still Thinking?

This may help. When I was in the beauty industry, of course
we used to have seminars and hair-shows (like any other industry)
all over the country.

At first I thought they were a complete waste of time, money and resources.
However, after I attended my first one and came back with fundamentals
 and practical skills that I used the very next day... they became Invaluable.

My philosophy became, if I could learn just ONE THANG that will improve
my skills or just discover one new product that may improve the health
 of my clients hair...then it was worth It.

I dare to say you probably have picked up some tips just from reading
this review page.... we know without a 'shadow of a doubt' if you purchase,

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I think you will be amazed at how you can make huge strides
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Let me show you how.                                                                     
Warmest Regards

 Deborah Pretty                                             

This is a golden opportunity for you to get your hands on this breakthrough info that' has JUST BECOME public knowledge.       
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